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What People are Saying


“As nurses, we are there during people’s most vulnerable times. Most boards will be enriched by the perspective we bring — a piece of humanity that connects us all. And, like me, nurses who serve on boards can bring back new ideas and apply them directly to patient care.”

David Silva David M. Silva, MN, BSN, RN Nurse Manager, Ambulatory Surgery, Oregon Health & Science University

"Everyone has the potential to be part of a board of directors. My own experience began with my need and passion for quality after-school child care. In my first community board role, I brought my nursing expertise and experience as a pediatric nurse, which gave me credibility to advocate for child safety and nutrition. Board service provided me an enormous boost of confidence and opened doors for my own leadership."

Ericka Waidley Ericka Waidley, MSN, MA, RN Visiting Assistant Professor, Linfield College

"I've always viewed my nursing license as a statement of public trust and my nursing career as much larger than just a job. Putting myself in places of influence like board roles, accepting political and policy appointments, and serving the larger professional community allows me to uphold the obligation nurses have to serve the weakest members of society while honoring the public’s trust in our profession."

Gladys Campbell Gladys Campbell, RN, MSN, FAAN, NC-BC Health, Wellness, and Leadership Coach and Consultant

"As a nurse, I listen. And because I listen, I gain valuable information about what it’s like for those struggling to navigate an increasingly complex health care system. As a patient advocate, I have a duty to share this struggle, from the bedside to the boardroom, so that one day we may realize health care that is available to — and works for — everyone."

Jake Creviston Jake Creviston, DNP, RN, PMHNP-BC Assistant Professor at Linfield School of Nursing

"As a board member for a non-profit that supports public health services, I help create a culture of health in my community. I bring my nursing perspective on issues discussed by the board and help raise money to support my local public health department. In this role, I can make sure that health-related services for women, children, and others are funded and available to those who need them."

Renee Menkens Reneé Menkens, MS, RN Board Vice President, Coos County Friends of Public Health

“Serving on a Board of Directors changed my perspective. It activated my contract with society — to apply my preparation and expertise as a nurse to the reform of health care. I became a full partner with other thought leaders and for the first time could see my profession as strategic and not just the practice of bedside care."

Michael Polacek, MSN, RN-BC Michael Polacek, MSN, RN-BC Professional Development Specialist, Clinical Education, Salem Health