The Governor makes appointments to over 250 Boards and Commissions representing a broad range of areas and issues for the State of Oregon. Members are vital participants in statewide decision-making and dedicated individuals have the opportunity to participate in developing a wide variety of important governmental policies. 

There are dozens of boards and commissions addressing healthcare and nursing related issues. Many of these require the participation of a registered nurse, while others would greatly benefit from the skills and expertise of nurses. 

Click here for a full list of Oregon boards and commissions or check out our curated list below to see which one might benefit from your participation!

State Apprenticeship and Training Council

Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians (Nurse Practitioner required)

Board of Direct Entry Midwifery (Certified Nurse Midwife required)

Oregon Education Investment Board

Oregon Educator Professional Development Commission

Oregon Council on Health Care Interpreters (Registered Nurse required)

Rural Health Coordinating Council (Nurse Practitioner required)

Health Evidence Review Commission (Public Health Nurse required)

Health Information Technology Oversight Council 

Oregon Health Policy Board

Higher Education Coordinating Commission

State Board of Higher Education

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

Home Care Commission

Oregon State Hospital Advisory Board (OSH nursing staff representative required)

State Independent Living Council

Medicaid Advisory Committee

Medicaid Long Term Care Quality and Reimbursement Advisory Council (Registered  Nurse required)

Nurse Staffing Advisory Board (Registered Nurses required)

Nursing Home Administrators Board (Registered Nurse required)

Oregon State Board of Nursing (Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioner, LPN, CNA required)

Oregon Health and Science University Board of Directors

Oregon Patient Safety Commission Board of Directors (Registered Nurse required)

State Board of Pharmacy: Public Health and Pharmacy Formulary Advisory Committee (Advanced Practice Registered Nurses required)

Oregon Public Health Advisory Board

Oregon Workforce Investment Board