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Boards Need Nurses Find out all the unique skills a nurse will bring to your board of directors. Download Preview
The Path to Nonprofit Board Service Infographic For nurses, individuals considering serving on boards Download Preview
The Value of Placing a Nurse on Your Board of Directors For Profit, Non-Profit and Government Board Benefits. Talking Points for Nurses on Boards. Download Preview
Board Member Self-Evaluation For nurses already active on boards Download Preview
Board Member Orientation Checklist An overview of what you’ll need to become familiar with during your first three months as anew board member Download Preview
Initial Skills Assessment For nurses considering serving on boards Download Preview
Health Center Program Governing Board Workbook National Association of Community Health Centers - July 2015 Download Preview
Nurses in the Boardroom by Kimberly McNally - in Great Boards Newsletter Summer 2016 Download Preview
Nurses on Boards: Bringing Diversity of Thought & Insight Sponsored by Oregon Action Coalition 2017 Download Preview
Best Practices - Top 10 List Great Boards Best Practices Checklist Download Preview
Distinguishing Governance from Management From Great Boards Fall 2008 Download Preview
Red Rules for Boards From Great Boards Summer 2007 Download Preview